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There are several methods of freight shipment including by ground, sea, and air transportation. CargoMaster offer viable services for handling international freight Sydney through airways. However, some people or businesses in Sydney might prefer for choosing air freight shipping services to ship their goods to other states or continents for various reasons. Here is some consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of air freight Sydney shipment to help you decide whether it is the best methods you should take or not.

The Advantages of Air Freight

Air freight Sydney services offer several advantages to help you decide to ship your package with air shipping, including:

1. Quicker

From all shipping methods, air freight shipping provides the quickest shipping time. Unlike sea or ground transportation which takes weeks, shipping the package by a plane will only take hours to days across a continent. Mainly when you need to ship items that are quickly rotten or urgent items such as medicine or medical equipment, air freight is the right one.

2. Safety

Ground shipping has a greater risk of accident during the freighting because the traveling road is unpredictable. There can be the traffic jam, damaged roads, flooding, landslide, and other obstacles that can reduce the shipping speed and even risked the package. Moreover, the longer shipping time required also means that there is a higher risk for the box to get mishandled, damaged, or being lost. It is the reason why the faster the package shipped will also make it safer to reach the destination.

3. Variety of Shipping Items

Air freight Sydney shipping is often chosen due to its variability of shipping items. As mentioned before, shipping perishable items which need to be handled within 24 hours internationally is no more matter. Since the items will arrive at the destination quicker than ground transportation, you can have more variety of shipping items by using air freight shipment.

There is a rule that set required weight for cargo. Although a plane has a big size, the cargo usually only spare limited area for shipping items. So, heavy items such as furniture are usually rejected. Since there is size limitation, you need to look at your items before choosing the shipping services. Last, you should consider those advantages and disadvantages, so you can decide whether you should or shouldn’t choose air freight Sydney to ship your package.

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